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Micro Knitter


Althea Crome, creator of the "Coraline" sweater, knits at 70 stitches to the inch!

Enjoy her website teeming with her awe inspiring artwork. Thanks Tara.

Decadent Baked Goods


British crochet artist, Kate Jenkins, has a particular affinity for baked goods. But she doesn't stop there. Do check out the other link in this article sent to us by Ruth. 

Math from our Perspective




Ruth shares: “How to Start Knitting (and Learn to Love It)”. Including those "weird knitting terms" we need to know.

Favorite Vlog


Elizabeth Zimmermann is featured in episode 57 of Fruity Knitting. EZ’s daughter Meg shows many of their classic designs as she chats with Andrea.

Helping baby birds


     Sue K sent us this stash-buster suggestion. Knit Nests for baby birds to assist NSCC

Go Team!


Martha shares this WSJ article "From Sheep To Sweater in Record Time

Margo's Apple Cake


Quick to make and easy to serve. This brownie-like cake is a perennial favorite. Recipe.

Elaine's Bread Pudding


This favorite is best served warm-from-the-oven. We follow the scent whenever it arrives. It's gone in a flash. Recipe.

Knitting Circles of Life


From the NY Times

A new kind of knitting circle is emerging as singles seek alternatives to the bar scene

Peggy's Fiber Follies

I've been knitting crocheting spinning weaving sewing quilting and mentoring others for many years. I especially enjoy participating in weaving & spinning events with the Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers. Here are some of my projects and adventures.

The Fiber of the Gods

A popular discussion topic among the knitters crocheters and spinners in our midst. 

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